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Sometimes, the best way to explain an emotion or a concept is a good image.

Here is a fantastic tribute to Polaroid. Pure genius. It is from Phil Jones, a designer from Minneapolis. He was inspired by this article about the slow death of Polaroid.


Click on the picture for a larger version.


Words are strong. Images are stronger.

The next time that you prepare a speech, look at your slide. There will probably be too much text. Reduce it and replace with strong picture. You will have a better emotional connection with the audience.


Share with me: Which genius illustration have you used or saw lately?


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Yesterday, i attend some conference at lunch time. The young women sitting next to me wasn’t eating. She looked preoccupied.

When she got up, left the table et started her presentation, i understood why she wasn’t eating. She was the speaker and she was nervous to speak in front of a group of people.

In fact, she was noticeably nervous during her presentation, but wow, she delivered! She started slowly with her personnel story. Speaker, Woman, Buterfly iStock_000004776255XSmallShe went to London to study (she’s living in Quebec, Canada). Etc.

But then, she started to talk about what she lived there, her day to day life, her discovery, her emotion. We could almost be there. We we’re earring the sound of the bird went she sat in the park.

At the end, when she said that her dream was over, she had to return home, we felt the emotion in her voice. And we felt the emotion in our heart.

She did a wonderful presentation. She touched us. And that’s the greatest presentation i assisted in a long time.

When she sat back next to me, the nervousness was gone. She was able to eat.

Share with me: What presentation did you gave or assist that carry real emotions?


Photo Credits : iStockphoto

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