The world is different than what we see. Everybody sees it through glasses. Glasses representing education, profession, values, etc.

  • As a result, everybody perceives thing differently.

I had a teacher who defined her role this way: “I’m giving you new glasses to see the world. Nobody will see it like you will”. And she was right. I see the world differently than you.

The same is true when you speak to an audience. They are wearing some kind of glasses. Is it a professional association? A corporate meeting? A congress? A school seminar? Their perception of the world is tinted by their glasses.

We must try to put the same glasses as them. It will help us avoid mistakes. And our communication will be more adapted.

  • We will better “connect” with the audience.


This image is a good example of glasses effect. It was used on Gizmodo site to recruit writers. [Image Credit]

How can we put audience glasses? Here are some hints:

  1. Do search on your audience.
  2. Read publications, blogs, tweets on the subject.
  3. Interview some of the leaders.
  4. Assist to the presentations before you.
  5. Ask questions.
  6. Be open minded.
  7. Etc.


Share with me: What are you doing to have your audience glasses?


Posted by Denis François Gravel