Creativity is everywhere!

If you want to differentiate yourself, your product or your organization, if you want your message to be heard, you need to stand out from the crowd. To raise above the brouhaha. Creative presentability is there to help.

I found those three examples of creative presentability. Extraordinary presentations of ordinary things.

  • 1) Passing out fliers – Melting Man

It is hard to grab attention when your passing out fliers. Red Cross of Argentina use a melting man to give fliers urging people to fight Global Warming.

Melting man

Photo: Red Cross of Argentina

  • 2) Presenting car pedals – Pause, Stop, Play.

What could be more common than car pedals? Renault was creative for Twingo RS. It has a set of special pedals.


(It looks like Photoshop to me. If it really exists, It is a cooooool idea).
Source : Jalopnik
Others Auto Design Easter Eggs can be found here.

  •  3) Fashion victims – Ad from WWF

World Wildlife Fund for Nature – Simple picture. Powerful message.


If you want to see more of the WWF creativity, clink the link above.
Source: 55 creative ads from the WWF

Those organizations used creativity to enhance their presentability. It is effective. It grabs our attention.

Share with me: What are you doing to grab the attention of your public or customer?

Posted by Denis François Gravel

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